Marshall's Farm Market, 9100 Eden Prairie Rd., Eden Prairie, MN
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Marshall's Farm Market

tractor photoMarshall's is a family farm practicing sustainable farming by:

  • Limiting pesticides and managing pests ecologically, by intense weed control practices through crop rotation, cultivation and hand hoeing
  • Maximizing biodiversity through livestock and crop production
  • Protecting water quality through managed trickle irrigation
  • Responsible soil management techniques by using cover crops and mulches

While Marshall's is not a certified organic farm, we follow many organic growing practices and techniques. We succession plant nearly all of our crops to assure you always have fresh new crop vegetables that are always in their peak.

photo of plants started in greenhouseVirtually everything we grow is started from seed. Some seeds are seeded directly in the field, while others are started in the greenhouses before the last frosts of the cool Minnesota spring. We work extensively testing and trialing new varieties to assure you will find only the highest quality and the largest varieties of produce and fresh flowers.

Marshall's Farm grows over 50 varieties of tomatoes, including heirloom, beefsteak, Roma, tomatoes, etc.cherry, grape and hybrid varieties of every color, shape and size. We grow over 25 varieties of peppers, including bell, hot, sweet, and heirloom varieties. We grow over 50 varieties of gourds and pumpkins including typical orange jack o lantern pumpkin types, along with heirloom varieties, and varieties from seed which originates from around the world. Pumpkins and Squash of all shapes, sizes, colors, and tastes can be found at Marshall's Farm Market. We grow over 40 varieties of cut-flowers for our bouquets. Some of our customers favorites include lisianthus, celosia, safflower, multiple varieties of sunflowers, amaranthus and dill just to name a few. We grow 15 varieties of potatoes, including fingerling varieties, purple, pink, yellow, red and white.

To complement our fresh produce, we also offer our customers quality products from other local farms and businesses. Some items include organic tortilla chips, salsa, jams and jellies, maple syrup, popcorn, apples (in season) caramel, fresh bakery items, and much more! Fresh goodies arrive daily at the market. There are always new and unusual finds! From heirloom tomatoes and fingerling potatoes to cottage style flower bouquets, there is something for everyone!

Crops we grow:
Sweet corn
Egg plant
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Green beans
Fresh flowers
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Ornamental kale
Ornamental corn
Corn stalks
Straw bales
Apples (from local      growers)
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We now offer our all natural beef for sale at our market! Our cattle are grass and grain fed and live a very happy life on our family farm. Our beef is processed at a local USDA inspected facility. Sorry, we do not sell our beef by the quarter or half, only by the cut.

We offer a variety of our own home preserves. Our own fresh produce and berries are turned into delicious jams and jellies, chocolate raspberry spread, pickled beets, homemade sauerkraut and much, much more! We are famous for Grandmas blue ribbon Raspberry Jam. All our preserves are made in small batches with our own fresh produce!

Image of map9100 Eden Prairie Road
   —at the intersection of County Road #1
      (Pioneer Trail) and #4 (Eden Prairie Road).

Eden Prairie, MN 55347


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