Home delivery through mid July, market will open approx mid July

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Add a little spice to your life — with homemade salsa!

What’s better than a beautiful, ripe garden-grown tomato? That’s a trick question. The answer is NOTHING. But, what’s almost as good? Homemade salsa made with fresh tomatoes. And almost everything you need is available right now at Marshalls Farm Market. I like to experiment with different peppers — we have so many to choose from….

The incredibly versatile egg.

Eggs are an affordable, nutrient-rich addition to most diets. Packed with high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and good fats, they’re an exceptional superfood. Especially farm fresh eggs, like the ones available at Marshall’s Farm Market. It’s a fact that farm fresh eggs taste better and are more nutritious than store bought (ie, factory-raised) eggs. Mother Earth…

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