We're open for the 2024 season!

Bundles of happiness for local employees!

Amy from Fidelity Bank in Edina, ready to spread joy with BBQ Bundles from Marshall’s Farm Market

Last week Amy from Fidelity Bank in Edina reached out to see if Marshall’s Farm Market could put together some fun BBQ Bundles for its employees. It was important to her that they support a small local business, and we are honored to have been selected. 

Do you or someone you know need ideas for corporate or employee gift ideas? If so, please think of us! Now that things are starting to open back up, there might be more opportunities for employee raffles and prize packs at company get-togethers or welcome-back-to-the-office gifts, which could include BBQ Bundles, Produce Packs (in season), gift cards, and more! We can work with any size budget. 

Please help us spread the word – Amy heard about Marshall’s Farm Market from her local mom’s group! Thank you for thinking of us, Amy, and for trusting us with this really unique project!

See you at the market early July!