We're open for the 2024 season!

Spring is here!

We don’t know about you but BOY are we ready for Spring! Greg and I spent much of the winter planning, researching and ordering seeds — and now we’re planting! It’s such a happy time for us (especially with the extreme winter we’ve had!), growing a bountiful selection of produce for our family, our customers, and our community.

And while you can expect from us the amazing selection you’ve come to love, this year we’re wild about GREENS! Buttery greens, peppery greens, sweet greens … healthy, beautiful, nutrient-packed greens. Perfect sautéed, in salads, juiced or hidden in a hot dish, they’re versatile, delicious, and good for you.

We’re hoping (fingers crossed!) to have them ready for you by mid-June. (Follow us on Facebook for updates.)

In the meantime, did you know you can get our farm-fresh meat delivered to your door December through June? This weekend when you’re spending quality time with your family around the breakfast table, make sure you’re serving Marshalls Farm Market breakfast links! Our pigs are pasture-raised, so our pork just tastes better. Whether it’s the sunshine, the grass, the low stress life, or all of the above, pastured pork is richer, more nutritious, and healthy for you. Plus, our pigs are never given any antibiotics or growth stimulators and get plenty of room to play, explore and behave like pigs. Learn more about what’s available or place an order for free delivery ($20 minimum order).

Your grateful neighbors,

Carrie and Greg