Home delivery through mid July, market will open approx mid July

Fresh, farm-raised turkeys: gobble ‘em up before they’re gone!

Did you know you can order turkeys from us for Christmas? Humanely raised on our family farm with no growth hormones or antibiotics, our turkeys taste better because they’re pasture raised. Read a Huffington Post article about the difference between factory farmed and pasture raised.

Pre-order only as quantities are limited. 

Please specify ideal weight as well as an acceptable 5 lb range. We do our best to get as close to your ideal as possible. 

  • Pick up your turkey between 1 and 6:30 pm Monday December 23 at the market (which will be closed)
  • Plain (frozen): $3.99/lb 
  • Smoked (fresh): $6.99/lb (smoking requires additional time and planning so please order as soon as possible)
  • Cash or check only 

As our family sits down to share a meal together over the holidays, we thank our customers and our community for another year of keeping us doing what we love so much — nourishing our neighbors with fresh, sustainable, ethically farmed food. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season.